Michael Harrington

Hiding the Other America
February 26, 1977

There is chronic high unemployment—the worst since the Great Depression—and the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers promises that it will con

The Big Lie About the Sixties
November 28, 1975

The militant negativism of the Ford administration and the weary disenchantment of some prominent liberals rest in considerable part upon one of the m

July 20, 1974

From Poverty to Dignity By Charles Hampden-Turner (Doubleday; $8.95) The Great Society programs of the ‘60s, Daniel Patrick Moynihan remarked in his Politics of the Guaranteed Annual Income, were “oversold and underfinanced” to the point that their failure seemed almost to have been a matter of design. Such overselling, Hampden-Turner’s new book makes clear, is not confined to the Establishment Center.

Mystical Militants
February 18, 1966

The young radicals whose personal statements have appeared in The New Republic these past weeks are marvelously, and problematically American. They ar