Michael Lewis

Crying Without Tears
March 10, 1996

Campaign Journal: Dole and Buchanan in 1996.

Animal Farm
March 04, 1996

Michael Lewis's 1996 campaign journal.

The Griz
February 05, 1996

Michael Lewis on the 1996 campaign.

Let The Games Begin!
January 29, 1996

Michael Lewis's 1996 New Hampshire diary.

Ben Bradlee Had a Talent for a Specific Kind of Trouble
November 20, 1995

He sold himself as an outsider while he was in many ways the consummate insider.

The Good Funeral
August 07, 1995

One consequence of living several thousand miles from the place you grew up and shifting residences every few years is that the people you care for tend to die at a distance. Once a year or so I get a phone call to inform me that someone I had assumed alive and well has suffered a stroke, or shot himself, or neglected to wake up. Upon hearing such news I usually feel a brief but genuine desire to drop whatever I am doing and fly to the funeral. Then I recall the funerals I have attended.

The Case Against 'Abroad'
December 11, 1994

CLOSE THAT COPY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS. IT'S O.K. Clip the coupon below to let Foreign Policy guide you through the next critical year. — Advertisement in Foreign Affairs, Fall 1993 I think I can pinpoint the moment I first felt obliged to be interested in foreign affairs. It was during a steamy New Orleans summer between high school and college, when, after a local worthy ridiculed me for never having heard of Rebecca West, I found myself bench-pressing a copy of Black Lamb and Gray Falcon, the author's 1,200-page study of Yugoslavia.

The Speculator
January 10, 1994

My strange road trip with George Soros.

The Access Capitalists
October 18, 1993

When you first meet David Rubenstein, you have to force yourself to remember that as a young staffer in the Carter White House he believed that the best thing in the world to be was a public servant. In those days he was known mainly for his unwillingness to go home at night.

Washington Diarist: Toy Goy
April 26, 1993

I don't know whether the more esoteric passages of the kabala mention the talismanic importance of blond-headed gentiles, but I would not be surprised if they did.