Miles Kohrman

Was This the Best World Cup Uniform of All Time?
July 10, 2014

If there was a trophy for dressing well, Peru would walk away with it.

Ten Other World Cup Teams Who've Lost by Six or More Goals
July 08, 2014

Brazil's collapse against Germany isn't even in the top 5.

The Netherlands' Odds Rise Dramatically in Big Bank's Fancy World Cup Predictions
July 03, 2014

If you listen to Goldman Sachs, it's either Brazil or the Netherlands.

Tim Howard’s Heroic Goalkeeping Performance, in GIFs
July 01, 2014

Someone give Tim Howard a medal.

Chicago Is Officially the Most Soccer-Drunk City in America. (Which Is Saying Something.)
June 29, 2014

All respect to Kansas City, New York and LA, but the photos do not lie 

Dear World Cup: You’re Using the Wrong Tiebreaker
June 25, 2014

For short competitions, head-to-head is a better tie-breaker than goal difference.

The Passion of Miguel Herrera, in GIFs
June 23, 2014

El Piojo is our favorite person in this World Cup, hands down

Guillermo Ochoa's Spectacular Saves, In GIFs
June 17, 2014

Save after save after save after save.