Molly Redden
Staff Writer

Immigration Reform Is Having a Good Month
August 22, 2013

When Congress’s recess began, the conventional wisdom was that immigration reform was most likely doomed in the House, and that August, with its throngs of anti-”amnesty” protesters coming out to harass Republican representatives, would offer the fin

Scott Walker's Sand Grab: Wisconsin Wants a Piece of the Fracking Boom, No Matter Who Gets Hurt
August 21, 2013

On the night that he was elected governor of Wisconsin in 2010, a beaming Scott Walker told the hundreds of supporters sandwiched into Waukesha’s little Country Springs Hotel ballroom that his state was “open for business.” It was shorthand for his p

A Stone-Faced Bradley Manning Gets 35 Years
August 21, 2013

This morning, Bradley Manning, the Army private who leaked more than 700,000 classified government documents to WikiLeaks, was sentenced by a military judge to 35 years in prison.

Don't Buy Ken Cuccinelli's Latest Ad on Women's Rights
August 20, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee for governor of Virginia, came out with a new ad this week touting the efforts he made as a University of Virginia undergraduate to combat campus sexual assault.

The Legal Battle for Gay Conversion Therapy Is a Losing One
August 20, 2013

On Monday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a ban on gay conversion therapy. Immediately, anti-gay forces condemned him in vile terms, none more strongly than Mat Staver, the founder of a conservative legal association called Liberty Counsel.

The Real Victims of Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Fall From Grace
August 15, 2013

With former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. sentenced to 30 months in prison for stealing campaign funds, the consensus is that his story is one of personal tragedy—what happens when a promising figure becomes overconfident and engulfed by ambition.

Proven by Science: There Is No Such Thing as "Hookup Culture"
August 13, 2013

You’d think that sixteen years of Catholic education would’ve inured me to watching middle-aged adults freak out about sex.

Congress' Recess Is a Critical Time for Immigration Reform
August 08, 2013

Luis Guitierrez has all the makings of a primo pitchman for immigration reform. Few members of Congress have been hounding the party leadership to reform the system for as long as the Chicago representative of two decades.

The Next Darrell Issa? The House Already Has Dozens!
August 08, 2013

Who will Republican leadership crown the next Darrell Issa?

Terry McAuliffe’s Green Billionaire Ally Is Wasting His Money
August 05, 2013

Tom Steyer, the billionaire and former hedge funder, is the self-described Mayor Mike Bloomberg of the modern environmental movement.