Molly Redden
Staff Writer

Four Ways the Energy Industry Could Derail Obama’s Environmental Regulations in Court
June 25, 2013

Obama will not announce his plans to regulate the emissions of existing power plants until his Tuesday afternoon speech at Georgetown University.

The Gang of Eight Cracks the Door Open for Immigration Nonsense
June 21, 2013

Last week, Gang of Eight members called the idea that comprehensive immigration reform should commit more agents to the U.S. Mexico border, advanced in an amendment proposed by Sen. John Cornyn, for what it is: utterly wrong.

The Big Leap Forward On Immigration Reform That Doesn't Matter
June 20, 2013

An immigration reform advocate I spoke to yesterday had a fine way of summarizing the tenuous mix of hope and frustration he feels watching comprehensive immigration reform take shape in the Senate: “Even when the ball moves, it doesn’t.” 

How the End of Exodus International Should Change the Gay Marriage Debate
June 20, 2013

Late last night, Exodus International, the foremost advocate of gay conversion therapy in the U.S., announced that it will shut down its operations—voluntarily.

Speaking Fees of the Rich and Marginally Famous

In February, the Knight Foundation—a nonprofit devoted to the future of journalism—paid disgraced science writer Jonah Lehrer $20,000 to speak at a conference, only months after he was nailed for plagiarism and fabricating quotes.

Michele Bachmann's Potential Successors Are Almost As Loopy As She Is
June 13, 2013

Michele Bachmann’s recent announcement that she will not seek reelection to the U.S.

Why We Should Celebrate Leahy’s Same-Sex Immigration Amendment (Before It Inevitably Fails)
June 12, 2013

Yesterday evening, Senator Pat Leahy filed an amendment to the comprehensive immigration reform package that would allow citizens to petition for green cards for their foreign same-sex partners—just as straight couples can under current law.

Meet Roger Vinson, the Judge Who Signed the Sweeping NSA Order
June 06, 2013

His track record is less than admirable.

The Amish Are Getting Fracked
June 06, 2013

Their religion prohibits lawsuits—and the energy companies know it.

Women Politicians Deserve More Power to Craft Military Policy
June 04, 2013

Tuesday's sexual assault hearing is proof that male veterans shouldn't have a monopoly on such matters.