The New Republic

Play Ball!
April 28, 1947

Your radio reporter was having a tough time. The weekly sermon, its text presumably based on what's new, fresh or vigorous in radio, threatened to turn into a dull, depressing dissertation. But along came Old Gold cigarettes, Ballantine's ale and Pabst's Blue Ribbon beer. The day, the preachment, the season were saved. For those ate the generous firms which, in my listening area, bring me respectively Red Barber, Mel Allen and Frankie Frisch.It was exactly 1:55 p.m.

Lincoln in 1944
February 14, 1944

There are many reasons why we recall Abraham Lincoln more vividly than we do either Christopher Columbus or George Washington, the other two men for whom public holidays are generally observed. Lincoln was the only one of the three born under the United States flag. As a child of the Middle West he grew up in the most American part of America, and through his veins flowed the blood of ancestors from both Virginia and New England.

A Treasury of Russian Life and Humor/ A Treasury of Russian Literature
January 17, 1944

Cabbage Soup and Caviar A Treasury of Russian Life and Humor. Edited, with an introduction by John Coumos. New York: Coward- McCann, Inc. yo6 fages. $3.75. A Treasury of Russian Literature. Selected and edited, with a foreword and biographical and critical notes, hy \Bemard Guilbert Guemey. New York: Vanguard Press. 7,072 fages, $3-9S. Some fifty writers are represented in Mr. Cournos' anthology and some thirty in Mr. Guerney's.