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Delaware Is For Haters
August 27, 2008

There's never a bad time to revisit Jonathan Chait's wonderful piece railing on the state of Delaware. But with its favorite son, Joe Biden, about to give the biggest speech of his career, now is a particularly good time to revisit it. Here's a taste, though we suggest you read the whole thing: Delaware's image as small and inoffensive is not merely a misconception but a purposeful guise. It presents itself as a plucky underdog peopled by a benevolent, public-spirited, entrepreneurial citizenry. In truth, it is a rapacious parasite state with a long history of disloyalty and avarice.

While You Were Outside, Having A Picnic...
August 24, 2008

Here's a rundown of TNR's Joe Biden coverage this weekend. *Jon Cohn explained why Biden is  "very qualified for the job." He also bemoaned the continuing Clinton saga and detailed why--and how--Obama came to make his vice presidential selection.  *Howard Wolfson, Clinton's former communications director, said that Biden was the best choice of the contenders not named Hillary. *John Judis likes having Biden around because it shows that Obama "recognizes his own weaknesses." *Noam Scheiber looked at Biden's potential downsides and came away not that worried.

The Corncob Pipe Of Politics
August 14, 2008

There was a time when party platforms truly mattered. That time is not now. What happened? Seyward Darby is here to explain.   The Democratic Party’s platform committee approved a whopping 54-page draft document last Saturday in Pittsburgh. (That’s up 15 pages from the 2004 platform). The Republicans won’t draft their platform until just prior to the GOP convention in Minneapolis, so it stands to be seen how the new platform will stack up to the 2004 document, which topped 41,000 words and began with a triple homage to Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and George W.

Tim Russert Dead At 58
June 13, 2008

Terrible, unexpected news. We all send our best to his family in this difficult time.  

The Kristol Ball Update (week One)
May 19, 2008

  Last Friday, we tried to predict what today's Bill Kristol column would be about. To refresh: Using Bush's Knesset speech as the peg, he'll consider the possibility that Barack Obama just might be a terrorist appeaser who totally hearts Iran and Hamas.

Peering Into The Kristol Ball
May 16, 2008

  We understand that writing a newspaper column is hard work. But, sweet jeebus, does Bill Kristol have to be this bad at it? Blandly written, intellectually lazy, and--worst of all--hopelessly predictable, his columns will stink up The New York Times' op-ed page for the foreseeable future. Instead of despairing, however, we figured we might as well have some fun with the old gasbag. So, on Fridays, we're going to try to guess what his Monday column will be about.

Schlafly's (dis)honorary Doctorate
May 15, 2008

If the university doesn't accede to the great many protests that have sprung up in response to the news (and it doesn't look as if they will), Phyllis Schlafly will earn an honorary doctorate from Washington University in Saint Louis tomorrow. Schlafly, of course, has been an immeasurable force for bad over her long life, her torpedoing of the Equal Rights Amendment being just her most famous act in a series of acts that have done great damage to the cause of gender equality.

'the Night Tourist'
May 08, 2008

Some excellent home news to report: Our very own Kate Marsh won an Edgar Award for her haunting children's novel, The Night Tourist. It's a prestigious piece of hardware, and huge congratulations are in order. ...

Lawrence Kaplan On The War
May 07, 2008

Our friend Lawrence Kaplan (whose new journal, World Affairs, comes with highest recommendations) has a fascinating interview in Der Spiegel today. He speaks candidly about the war in Iraq and its grave consequence, and, unsurprisingly, this quote has received the most attention: So whose fault is it--the Americans' or the Iraqis'? I think both. I also think that the Iraq experience has set back the cause of idealism in American foreign policy and the willingness of Western countries to intervene for humanitarian reasons.

Can We Get Royalties At Least?
April 24, 2008

      We don't want to say that this week's cover of Time is a rip-off of our HillarAck cover that came out last month, but--oh, whatever--they totally ripped us off! All the way on down to the cover line, too: "There Can Only Be One" vs. "We Have To Choose One." Perhaps we should retaliate by putting a mirror on one of our future covers? On second thought ... no, that's a terrible idea. UPDATE: Time's cover is derivative (not just of us).