Noreen Malone
Staff Writer

Bret Easton Ellis, Twitter Psycho
December 20, 2012

Is his social-media presence performance art, or just a bored guy looking for attention?

Where Honey Boo Boo, Barack Obama, and Madonna Meet
December 15, 2012

What we can learn from Twitter and Facebook's year-in-review lists.

A Romney in Palin Clothing: The Political Style of Kelly Ayotte
December 06, 2012

Why John McCain likes his new best friend.

In Vogue—The Life and Times of the Fashion Editor
December 03, 2012

Two new books about Grace Coddington and Diana Vreeland have wildly different tales to tell.

Barack Obama Is Turning the Oval Office Into a Man Cave
November 30, 2012

The dorm-style couches are only the latest.

Rihanna's Feelings Are For Her to Know, and Us to Figure Out
November 30, 2012

What we learn about the pop star from her new album.

Id of the Senate: How Twitter Unleashed Chuck Grassley
November 16, 2012

"Assume deer dead," and other greatest hits.

The False Promise of Kickstarter
November 16, 2012

The showcase for the new economy turns out to be a pretty good argument for the old economy.

Megyn Kelly Can Save Fox News
November 09, 2012

She cares about the network more than the party.

Fox News Resorts to Race-Baiting, and White Boards, on Election Night
November 06, 2012

Fox's Bill O'Reilly's bemoans the fall of "traditional America," and all those voters who dare to "want stuff."