Noreen Malone
Staff Writer

The Networks Are Skipping Ann Romney’s Convention Speech—and That’s a Good Thing
August 23, 2012

The American people would rather watch Hawaii Five-Oh. Is that so terrible?

Swift Boating: Why Do We Care if Taylor Swift Dates a Kennedy?
August 23, 2012

Taylor Swift's calculated innocence collides with the Kennedy clan.

Smells Like Mean Spirit: Is Paul Ryan the Politician That Generation X Deserves?
August 20, 2012

Paul Ryan might not be the politician GenX wants to represent them, but he's the one they deserve.

In Defense of Paul Ryan’s Ill-Fitting Clothing
August 16, 2012

Paul Ryan's ill-fitting suits, contrary to critical opinion, are actually a smart political move.

How Helen Gurley Brown Made the World Safe for Ladyblogs
August 13, 2012

How legendary Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown helped birth the lady blogosphere.

The Rise of the Himbo: Why Playing Dumb Is Working for Ryan Lochte
August 03, 2012

Ryan Lochte turns 28 today. He has achieved a tremendous amount for such a young age, rising to the very top of the international swimming world and racking up 11 career Olympic medals.  And yet, if this highlight reel of his interviews is to be believed, he thinks that seven times four comes out to 21. Can he really as slow out of the pool as he is fast in it?   Who cares, seems to be the answer for the many, many women who have joined the internet's informal Ryan Lochte fan club this week. In fact, if he is? All for the better!

What Mindy Meyer, The 'Snooki Candidate,' Tells Us About the Post-Sarah Palin Era
August 02, 2012

Mindy Meyer is sexy and she wants you to know it. At least, that's the message from her campaign website, which blares an instrumental version of  the campy LFMAO hit as accompaniment to a hot-pink color scheme and a slogan ("I'm senator and I know it") rendered in flashing, faux-rhinestone font.

Why Conservatives Turned on Sarah Palin
March 09, 2011

It’s never easy to extricate yourself from a fling that got way too serious. But that’s exactly what many conservatives are trying to do after a few heady years of Sarah Palin infatuation. In the wake of Palin’s deeply unserious reality TV show and her embarrassing “blood libel” video, the bloom’s worn off the rose, rather definitively. In fact, those incidents may have provided just the convenient excuses the GOP establishment was looking for. Now, with the 2012 election looming, Palin’s former backers are fleeing left and right.

The Case Against Economic Disaster Porn
January 22, 2011

When I sat down to my keyboard recently to Google the city of Detroit, the fourth hit was a site titled “the fabulous ruins of Detroit.” The site—itself a bit of a relic, with a design seemingly untouched since the 1990s—showed up in the results above the airport, above the Red Wings or the Pistons, the newspapers, or any other sort of civic utility. Certainly above anything related to the car industry, for which the word Detroit was once practically a synonym. Pictures of ruins are now the city’s most eagerly received manufactured good. We have begun to think of Detroit as a still-life.