Pankaj Mishra

Orhan Pamuk on Taksim Square, the Effects of 'Breaking Bad,' and Why the Future of the Novel Is in the East
July 29, 2013

Orhan Pamuk explains the arrogance of Erdoğan, the riots in Taksim Square, and why the future of the novel lies in the East.

How India is Turning Into China
December 21, 2012

CHINA IS shakily authoritarian while India is a stable democracy—indeed, the world’s largest. So goes the cliché, and it is true, up to a point. But there is a growing resemblance between the two countries. A decade after we were told that China and India were “flattening” the world, expediting a historically inevitable shift of power from West to East, their political institutions and original nation-building ideologies face a profound crisis of legitimacy.