Paul Berman

A Pop Star Is Dead, But Her Sexiness Is Immortal
August 13, 2013

After hearing the news that Eydie Gormé died on Saturday, I found myself wondering, not for the first time, how it is that certain female pop singers, whose singing appears not to be sexy, are sexy.

What Camus Understood About the Middle East
August 12, 2013

The Algerian Chronicles of Albert Camus reveal the callous simplicity of conventional anti-colonialist dogma.

Arguing Iraq—Ten Years Later

MICHAEL IGNATIEFF: "For all the talk about futility and perversity in interventions, it is well to remember that not all of them have failed." 

The Source of El Comandante's Power
March 08, 2013

What I learned from meeting Hugo Chavez.

The Strange Power of Les Mis, the Book
March 02, 2013

Why the most dramatic parts of Les Misérables are also the most politically incisive.


Welcome to Phase Three of the Arab Spring
February 22, 2013

Islamists are waning in the Arab world. But will Obama notice?

How Europe Earned Its Nobel Peace Prize
December 07, 2012

When 500 million Europeans receive their Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, here's why they really will deserve it.

The Rushdie Affair and the Struggle Against Islamism
December 07, 2012

The persecution of a prophetic novel and a pompous novelist.

Obama’s Two Most Revealing Moments in Last Night’s Debate
October 23, 2012

I turned off the TV feeling that I finally understood Obama, the man.

The Novel That Frightened Hamas and the Arab League
October 19, 2012

Reading the controversial novels of Algerian writer Boualem Sansal.