Paul R. Wieck

Sargent Shriver: The Inlaw.
January 17, 1976

On an early morning flight in the fall of 1972, an aide handed R, Sargent Shriver the morning paper, which had a story in it about his campaign appearance the previous night. The press account identified him not only as the Democratic vice presidential nominee but as"the brother-in-law" of Ted Kennedy, When he saw that, Shriver dropped the paper to his lap, "I used to be Jack Kennedy's brother-in-law. Now I'm Ted Kennedy's brother-in-law.

Southern Democrats: Not What They Used To Be
August 03, 1968

Birmingham, Ala.—The test of the Democratic Party's willingness to cope effectively with racist politics in the Deep South in 1968 will center around the three-way fight shaping up for Alabama's one set of credentials at Chicago. There will be major credentials challenges from other states, notably Mississippi, but only in Alabama do the options cover the field—from the Wallace-infested "regular" delegates elected in the spring primary, through an old-style "loyalist" group going under the name of the Alabama Independent Democrats (AID), to the National Democratic Party of Alabama, a vigorous