Phillip Maciak

'Mad Men' Season Six Finale, Post 2
Don realizes he's not the leading man
June 24, 2013

Is Don realizing he's not this story's leading man?

Dear TV: Mad Men Season Six: Episode 11, Post 1
Sally is the secret protagonist of 'Mad Men'
June 10, 2013

She knows where all of this is headed.

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six Episode 9, Post 1
Status Quo Ante Bellum
May 27, 2013

Is "Mad Men" stuck on its own carousel?

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six: Episode 6, Post 1
The Great Man Theory
May 06, 2013

This episode also signals a renewed questioning of the centrality of Great Men.

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six: Episode 4, Post 1
Just A Couple of Young Secretaries
April 22, 2013

Dear Television is Jane Hu, Evan Kindley, Lili Loofbourow, and Phillip Maciak. This season, they'll be posting weekly letters about AMC's "Mad Men." While this is not a full recap, there are still plenty of spoilers. Read the last installment here.

Dear TV: Mad Men Season Six: Episode 1
Matthew Weiner's death obsession
April 08, 2013

Matthew Weiner's death obsession