Roger Lowenstein

A Book-Length Defense of Big Banks Goes Long on Straw Men and Conspiracy Theories
January 02, 2014

Richard Bove's alarmist, snarky defense of big banks.

Fed Head—An Insider’s Take on the Financial Crisis
January 24, 2013

Alan S. Blinder is genuinely amazed at Americans' reactions to the government's financial crisis response—since the government's plans worked.

Plastic People
February 07, 2012

Though today we think almost interchangeably of consumer, corporate, and government credit, Louis Hyman reminds us that credit used to mean, chiefly,

Rough Trade
June 07, 2011

In his new book, Douglas A. Irwin tells the fascinating story of how Congress stubbornly passed Smoot-Hawley, a bill that, as opponents noted at the t

Debt of No Honor
February 18, 2010

Though he is essentially a tourist to his subject, Lanchester understands perfectly that the man behind the curtain was no wizard—that markets, far fr

Paper Tigers
May 21, 2007

IT WOULD BE hard to find three families who have supported democratic principles around the world with more resolve than the Sulzbergers, the Grahams, and the Bancrofts. The first two scarcely need introduction. The Sulzbergers, of course, control The New York Times Company; Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the family’s current sovereign, is both chairman of the board and publisher of its most prized asset, The New York Times.