Sidney Blumenthal

On the 1992 Campaign Trail with Jerry Brown
May 19, 2014

California governor Jerry Brown was once part-hippie, part-futurist.

The Mission
July 06, 1992

Ross Perot lives on Strait Lane in a world of his own. On the most exclusive street of millionaires in North Dallas, he has surrounded himself with alarms and sensors, fences and security guards. He has frequently deployed private investigators to uncover personally discrediting material about competitors. Those determined to humiliate and destroy him, he has explained, publicly and privately, include terrorists, drug lords, the CIA, and a criminal cabal of high officials in the Reagan and Bush administrations in which the president of the United States is complicit.

The Reanointed
July 01, 1992

  "I can't believe we've lost it all," said a bleary-eyed Bill Clinton in the early morning hours before the polls opened for the New Hampshire primary. He had gathered around him in the Days Hotel in Manchester his political directorate for the unveiling of the last tracking poll numbers. Before the story in the Star broke about Gennifer Flowers, his numbers had climbed steadily to a 10-point margin over his nearest rival, Paul Tsongas, a native son from neighboring Massachusetts.

Springtime for Buchanan
March 09, 1992

Sidney Blumenthal on Pat Buchanan's 1992 primary coup.

The Anointed
February 03, 1992

Why Bill Clinton is being cast as the most electable candidate in a conservative era.

Mario Cuomo Had the Most Divided Mind in Politics
May 06, 1991

Mario Cuomo, 1932-2015: A profile of the three-time New York governer.