Tim Starks

South Carolina's Complicated Relationship With the Death Penalty
June 19, 2015

The Charleston shooting is forcing the state—and the nation—to wrestle with its execution policy.

Jeb Bush's Big Speech Didn't Clarify His Confused Foreign Policy
June 15, 2015

He wants to have it all, and it's a hot mess as a result.

House Republicans' Safety Plan for Amtrak: Videotape the Next Derailment Rather Than Prevent It
June 10, 2015

The bill will add cameras inside the trains, but it won't fund a speed-control system. Does that make any sense?

The Republican Party Is Shifting on National Security, It Just Doesn't Know How
June 02, 2015

The liberal-libertarian alliance in Congress only partially explains why NSA bulk collection will come to an end.

Unmanned Oversight
February 07, 2013

How Congress whiffed on drones.