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I'm hardly one for media conspiracies.


I don't quite understand Ross Douthat's take on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic field. He writes: As I've probably said before, Hillary may not be the best choice for the Democrats, but she's definitely the safest; I think nominating her more or less guarantees the party 48 percent of the vote, since she's sufficiently tested and savvy and all the rest of it to make a Dukakis or Dole-style wipeout almost completely unimaginable.


Preschoolers For Rudy!

I absolutely loved, loved, loved today's Washington Post piece about how maxed-out political donors skirt campaign finance laws by having their kiddies donate. It was a case study in how people are willing to tell the most shameless lies--perhaps even to themselves--to justify doing exactly what they want. While there is no age limit on political contributions, the FEC specifes that all donations must meet 3 criteria to be legal: 1. It must be the child's own money. 2. Parents cannot reimburse the child. And 3.


Macho Man!

More from that LAT-Bloomberg poll: Clinton pollster Mark Penn has recently been predicting that Rudy Giuliani's "tough guy" style will turn off female voters. Sure enough the new poll shows that 36 percent of male GOP primary voters like Rudy--but just 27 percent of female ones. Every other major candidate reverses that formula, faring better with the gals than with the guys. Fred Thompson, for instance, gets 18 percent of the women and 13 percent of the men. Romney runs 14-7 women-men and McCain 14-11.


Harold Meyerson has another great column today, the upshot of which is this: The problem is that the drift of much of Wall Street toward the Democrats on noneconomic issues coincides with Wall Street's creation of inscrutable and unregulated investment devices that imperil the entire economy, as the current mortgage crisis makes painfully clear. On gay rights, say, the nouveau financiers are 21st-century progressives; on economic oversight, they are 1920s speculators, determined to keep their machinations free from public oversight.


It isn't enough that the first fifteen minutes of 'SportsCenter' are always devoted to the Yankees and/or the Red Sox. Nor is it sufficient that Washington's finest newspaper has almost no coverage of California. Wait, stop right there.


Not So Fast, Senator

A week after John McCain crowed that he fares best among his GOP rivals in head-to-head matchups with Hillary, along comes the new LA Times poll showing that Rudy does better (41-47 for Giuliani versus 38-48 for McCain). Yes it's early for this stuff and the differences are small: I'm not placing any bets here. But it does make for a great talking point on the stump. (Real Clear Politics has all the recent general election trial runs here.) --Michael Crowley 

From yesterday's Publishers Lunch roundup of the latest book deals: Former Democratic fundraiser Kathleen Willey's TARGET: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton, her story of how Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in the White House, along with what's called new evidence that Hillary Clinton orchestrated a campaign of threats and intimidation to cover it up, to Eric Jackson at World Ahead, for publication in November 2007, by Anu Hansen at Atmarr Services. I can't say I was previously familiar with World Ahead Publishing, but, after a quick glance at its catalog, it's not surpr


Is Colbert Barely Legal?

Back before the Great Redesign of Aught Seven disappeared them, I recall some Talkbackers were wondering whether Colbert's presidential campaign ran afoul of FEC laws. ABC News has an answer: Maybe.   --Jason Zengerle 

We may now publish the first name of the vice president without compunction. Watch: Dick Cheney. Please do not let this newfound ability go to your head. Remember: With great power comes great responsibility. --Christopher Orr