Jonathan Chait

Twittering Your Wedding


A hysterical "Shouts and Murmurs" by Mike Sacks and Scott Rothman:

· Attaching photo of Aunt Bess looking into camera phone and telling me to put down camera phone. Not a bad shot.

· At reception now. Someone do me a kindness? Google “Wedding Dance + Instructions + ‘Always on My Mind.’ ” Thx.

· Uncle Bob from Australia came! Can’t believe he flew 22 hours for this! Just after triple bypass!

· Uncle trying to talk to me. Sending him e-mail. Kind of busy now, obviously.

· Can’t see b/c Helen just smashed wedding cake in my face. Now have cake all over iPhone.

· Not funny, baby. Can’t seem to use the exclamation point now.

· Now I can!!!!!!!!!!

· Guests starting to leave. Check Facebook when you get home, people. Might just be a virtual bouquet of flowers waiting.

· A little mass e-mail to say, “I love u all, even if I did forget some of your names.”

· Checking in at hotel. It’s O.K., not great. Just kidding! It rocks! Good iPhone reception. Walking to room. Orioles lost, btw. SUCKS.

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