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Best Out Of Print Book Ever


by Franklin Foer

TNR has a publishing imprint housed at Yale University
Press. We've been kicking around the idea of starting a line that revives out of print
books, just like the fantastic New York Review of Books series. The idea is
simple: There are a lot of great books that have undeservingly dropped out of
circulation. Thanks to ABE Books and the internet these volumes haven't quite died. But
they still don't have the life they deserve. TNR and
Yale would commission new introductions to these works and reintroduce them to the
broader world. So, I wanted to put the question to a blog and reader vote: What books of
politics, economics, sociology, criticism, etc. should we try to reprint? What has history
and the publishing industry treated unkindly?

I'll begin by nominating Dwight MacDonald's oeuvre. There's only one volume of his, I
think, still in print. It's hard to find anything from his days at Politics, his career as a film
critic, or the bulk of his New Yorker work. He's probably more discussed than
read--and his brand of cultural criticism is much needed and hardly prevalent.

I can't wait to see what others propose.

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