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by David GreenbergAfter posting that first comment, I realized the infelicities of my phrasing and realized I'd probably be tweaked for it. I just didn't expect it would be from one of our own bloggers! But as I hope Jacob and our readers appreciate, I had no intention of brushing past the many excellent academic blogs already out there. Rather (perhaps with TNR political junkies in the forefront of my mind) I wanted to give a sense of our project. And I should add that we appreciate the welcome we've been given on Acephalous, Cliopatra, Crooked Timber, PrawfsBlog, Tapped, The Valve, and elsewhere. (Greg Mankiw and Richard Bradley seem to be on tenterhooks, awaiting Larry Summers's first post....) We hope to be engaging in conversation not just with ourselves but also with these and other blogs and their readers. So, along with a welcome, I should add, "Thanks for the welcome!"

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