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The Future Of American Democracy--and Of The Democratic Party


by Jacob S. HackerSince I was on the American Political Science Association panel on the health of American democracy of which both Alan and Dan speak below, I want to endorse both their explanations for the low turnout: There is--lamentably, in my view--a good deal more interest in democracy promotion abroad in intellectual circles right now than in the state of American democracy at home, and there was a felt need for more diversity of opinion and more debate on the panel. (My attraction to these explanations is in no way influenced by the fact that they point away from the obvious conclusion that what really killed turnout is that nobody is that interested in what I have to say.)

For those interested, however, there is a real debate about American democracy--or more precisely about the American Democratic Party and its stance on economic issues--taking place on the websites of The Democratic Strategist and The American Prospect. And while I am taking part in both discussions, I am certain based on the fine analyses of Alan and Dan that you will go to them--or not--for reasons entirely unrelated to my participation.

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