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The Global Warming Hoax


by Cass Sunstein
What follows is a short op-ed I recently received from a climate change skeptic at a well-known conservative institution. Because it captures some widespread views, I thought that I would reprint it here. (Or might it be a parody, produced right here at Open University? To see what it might be parodying, see the over-the-top op-ed by Vaclav Klaus--President of the Czech Republic!--in the Financial Times. Of course Klaus is right to complain about global warming hysteria, to reject radical measures, and to call for attention to costs and benefits, but his you're-ok-I'm-ok-we're-okism is nearly as bad as the hysteria of the hysterics.)

The Global Warming Hoax

Global Warming isn't real. It's a hoax.

"They" say the world is getting warmer. Tell that to the
people of Alaska. In Alaska, it's too cold.

I know someone in Anchorage who uses the heater all the time, because it's freezing there.

It's cold in Moscow too. And what about Iceland?

Once, the scientists said it would be colder. Now, the scientists say it will be hotter. They keep going back and forth.

The world is so big, it couldn't get that hot, all of a sudden. They say a little pollution will make everything hotter. That's

The world is too big for that.

Even schoolchildren know that on some days it's cold, and on other
days it's hot. You can't predict the weather.

Would you rather starve, because of all the money wasted on this hoax, or be normal, because of the weather?

When the world is so big, let's have liberty and prosperity, not a hoax.

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