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And The '08 Campaign Will Singlehandedly Spearhead The Dolph Lundgren Revival

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Looks like the Dolph Lundgren campaign analogies are catching on. A couple days ago I said Hillary isn't Ivan Drago. Now the American Spectator's Philip Klein says Romney is Drago. (H/t Andrew.)

One positive byproduct of all this Drago talk is that it led me to check out Dolph Lundgren's IMDB page--where I made the startling discovery that he's now directing. The plot outline for Lundgren's latest directorial project Missionary Man (in which he also stars as Ryder) sounds very promising:

A mysterious stranger rolls into town on a unique motorcycle. All he carries is the bible and a desire for justice. Past vengeance collides as Ryder rights an injustice from his past and liberates the small town from a malicious oppressor.


Sounds like Rudy going to South Carolina.

--Jason Zengerle

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