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First the Democrats decided to pull out of a Fox News debate. Okay, you thought, but politicians aren't that cool. But now comes word that Angelina Jolie, Hollywood legend, daughter of Jon Voight (our condolences), and partner to the man costarring in the year's worst film, tried to ban Fox from covering the premiere of her new movie. Here's the Fox write-up:

Angelina Jolie's true colors came out Wednesday as she promoted a film about freedom of the press and then tried to censor all her interviews.But Jolie turns out to be a mighty hypocrite when it comes to her own freedom of the press. Her lawyer required all journalists to sign a contract before talking to her, and Jolie instructed publicists at first to ban FOX News from the red carpet of her premiere.That's not all: Jolie told Paramount Pictures publicists to ban Fox News Channel and all Fox News affiliates from covering the "Mighty Heart" premiere on the red carpet. It was only with the intervention of mortified Paramount staff that a FNC camera crew was allowed to be present.

Thank God that the media relations people at Viacom were around to avert this disaster. Still, now that Angelina has decided to shun Fox, there is no telling who will follow.

--Isaac Chotiner

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