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Being Chris Dodd


From today's NYT:

[Hillary] said the legislation would also propose capping the number of troops at the levels they were on Jan. 1--roughly 130,000. After she announced that on the 7 a.m. broadcasts, Mr. Obama followed suit, saying at 4 p.m. that he would introduce a bill proposing a cap as well. Aides to a third likely Democratic contender, Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, cried foul, saying that Mrs. Clinton's plan to propose a cap seemed to copy a similar proposal by Mr. Dodd. [Emphasis added.]

Poor Dodd. The reality is, there are only so many ways Democratic presidential candidates can signal they're anti-war--especially if they are, as Hillary says about herself, "cursed with the responsibility gene." Edwards has an advantage in the fact that he's not in the Senate and therefore can issue seemingly bold calls without actually having to propose legislation, much less vote on it. Hillary isn't so lucky, but she's obviously not as unlucky as Dodd.

--Jason Zengerle

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