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No, not the one who's back under investigation. The one who writes a column for the Washington Post.

A couple of weeks ago, I made fun of Charles Krauthammer's inane assertion that the 2006 elections provided a mandate for the surge, a bit of offhand sophistry he accomplished by citing only the popular aspects of Bush's policy change (the firing of Rumsfeld, the elevation of Petraeus) and concealing the unpopular core (the surge itself) behind the vague phrase "a new counterinsurgency strategy."

Well, via Josh Marshall, it appears the president himself has now adopted this formulation to the letter. As Bush explains, "Last November, the American people said they were frustrated and wanted change in our strategy in Iraq. I listened. Today, General David Petraeus is carrying out a strategy that is dramatically different from our previous course."

It's not the first time Krauthammer has developed (or, if one's feeling less generous, trial ballooned) an idea for the White House in his column, of course. Back in the day, he was the one who first laid out, in some detail, a strategy for withdrawing Harriet Miers's Supreme Court nomination.

--Christopher Orr

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