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Clinton Congratulates Dictator On Election Victory!


That New York Times piece which Noam alluded to earlier about Bill Clinton helping broker a shady mining deal in Kazakhstan has this charming anecdote:

Indeed, in December 2005, Mr. Nazarbayev won another election, which
the security organization itself said was marred by an “atmosphere of
intimidation” and “ballot-box stuffing.”

After Mr. Nazarbayev won with 91 percent of the vote, Mr. Clinton
sent his congratulations. “Recognizing that your work has received an
excellent grade is one of the most important rewards in life,” Mr.
Clinton wrote in a letter released by the Kazakh embassy. Last
September, just weeks after Kazakhstan held an election that once again
failed to meet international standards, Mr. Clinton honored Mr.
Nazarbayev by inviting him to his annual philanthropic conference.

--Isaac Chotiner

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