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Conservative Contempt For Huckabee


You're probably not going to find a better example of the right-wing pundit class's contempt for Mike Huckabee than this Lisa Schiffren screed over at National Review:

Like back home, you were just trying to be nice to that castrated
guy who had raped a few women. He had served some time. Why couldn't
they forgive him? You could. You have a good heart. Lots of Christian
love. So you pardoned him. And what did he do then, Huck?

if you make a call like that on Iran, Huck? Or Iraq? Or Osama? Or
some guy from China who is very civil and polite at the State dinner,
and has a little plan for dominating Asia? Everything that happens,
Huck, all those reporters are going to want you to say something,
everywhere you go, 24/7.  And lots of people will act based on what you
say. And not all of them have lots of love in their heart, Huck.  

bait shop on the lake — it's looking good. You'll be surrounded by nice
neighbors, real Christians, and you can be the smartest guy in the
room. You can go out running every morning. Remember Huck — Jesus
wouldn't be dumb enough to go into politics.You were right on that
one. Maybe it's not what he wants from you either. 

Or, as Ross Douthat summarizes Schiffren's message to Huck: Go Back to Dogpatch, You Stupid Hillbilly! 

--Jason Zengerle 

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