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Democrats Buy Golf Clubs Too, Don't They?

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I'm off to attend Tiger Woods' new golf tournament, the AT&T
National, at the Congressional club in Bethesda today. Hence this
desperate need to find a golf-related post...

Most PGA Tour golfers are conservatives. Paul Azinger's disdain for
the "draft-dodger" Bill Clinton was such that he had to be talked
into attending a pre-Ryder Cup reception with the President. It's
fair to say that there aren't many too many liberals on the tour.

For all I know, Tiger may vote Republican as well. The odds are he
does. If that's the case, however, he does break with conservative
orthodoxy in one respect. Speaking before this week's began he
said in the course of talking about their new-born son Sam he and his
wife Elin had wondered: "How can you love something so much that
didn't exist the day before?"

(Radley Balko had a fun piece about sports' stars conservative tilt
and Tiger's reluctance to let anyone know his views, here.)

--Alex Massie

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