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A brief, off-topic post for DC-area residents:

This morning I suffered what I imagine is a widespread annoyance. Driving into work, I was hectored by a large public-safety ad that jeered, "Hey Slick, email the office later. Negligent driving kills." The tone of the injunction, which strives to be hip but succeeds only in being snide, is bad enough, especially for the large majority of us who do not thumb Blackberries while driving (or dial cell phones or apply makeup, behaviors condemned by other ads in the series).

Far worse, though, is that the sign badgering me to drive safely was painted on the tail end of a DC bus that was, at that very moment, lurching wildly across three lanes of traffic, forcing a flock of terrified motorists to swerve out of the way or be crushed. This was not the first time I'd seen this, nor the 21st: Indeed, dodging buses that bear lectures about driving carefully has become a daily activity here in the District. So, on the slender chance that the city official responsible for this particular brainstorm is a TNR reader, I'd like to offer a public-service message of my own:

Hey Slick, next time don't post your traffic lessons on the backs of careening metal death machines.

--Christopher Orr

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