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Okay, last Mel Gibson post for a while, but I thought this Variety article about the unusual Apocalypto marketing campaign was interesting. It explains the marketing hurdles Disney faces, given the facts that: the film has no recognizable stars; it's performed in a Mayan dialect; and its director has had some, uh, personal problems of late.

Disney's solution? It's aggressively marketing Apocalypto to Latino and Native American audiences--"niche groups to whom the film will mostly likely appeal and are presumably less sensitive to Gibson's personal foibles." I guess that explains the huge Apocalypto billboard in my predominately Puerto Rican and Dominican neighborhood here in Jamaica Plain, Mass.

But that still doesn't explain the aforementioned "Mel Gibson's Apocalypto" ad that ran during the Duke-Indiana game. Unless, of course, Disney's research department has data that suggests Duke fans are also Mel Gibson fans. I'd really like to think that. I didn't notice, for instance, any Apocalypto ads during last night's Carolina game.

--Jason Zengerle

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