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Fleischer's Limits


Jon Chait once wrote a great piece for us about just how far Ari Fleischer was willing to go in his service to the Bush administration; but we now learn, courtesy of the Libby trial, that even Fleischer drew the line somewhere. From Slate's trial dispatch:

It turns out Ari Fleischer will be the next witness, once court resumes Monday. (Damn, just missed him!) The defense team wants to note--for the jury's benefit--that Fleischer demanded immunity before he would agree to testify, because this might cast Fleischer's testimony in a different light.
And here Fitzgerald makes a nice little chess move: Fine, he says, we can acknowledge that Fleischer sought immunity. As long as we explain why. Turns out Fleischer saw a story in the Washington Post suggesting that anyone who revealed Valerie Plame's identity might be subject to the death penalty. And he freaked. [Emphasis added.]

Lying for Bush is one thing. Dying's another. Good flacks are so hard to find.

--Jason Zengerle

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