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Gop Nightmare: "barracuda" No More?!

Forget everything else--this is a problem for the McCain-Palin ticket. According to TMZ, they may not be able to play "Barracuda" after Sarah Palin speaks!

Ann and Nancy Wilson are pissed at the Republican Party and have fired
off a cease and desist letter to the McCain/Palin campaign.Specifically,
the Heart women are upset that the GOP has used their classic
"Barracuda" as a theme song for Sarah Palin. TMZ obtained a statement
from Heart's rep, who says "The Republican campaign did not ask for
permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that

But all may not be lost! So long as the Republicans don't mind a little infringement. The story continues:

UPDATE: Twenty minutes after we posted this story, the GOP ended the evening after McCain's speech with the song, "Barracuda."

--Ben Wasserstein 

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