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A Great Campaign Moment

Mike has linked to the excellent Newsweek series on the campaign, and rightfully so. But the best anecdote in what must be a 35,000-word project is this:

[Palin] told them to chat with her laconic husband, Todd. "I'll be just
a minute," she said. Salter tried to strike up a conversation. He knew
that Todd was half native Alaskan and a championship snow-machine racer.

what's the difference between a snowmobile and a snow machine, anyway?"
Salter asked. "They're the same thing," Todd replied. "Right, so why
not call it a snowmobile?" Salter joshed. "Because it's a snow
machine," came the reply.

Later, Schmidt and Salter
went outside so that Salter could have a cigarette. "So how about the
Eskimo? Is he on the level?" Schmidt asked. Salter just shrugged and
took another drag.

--Isaac Chotiner 

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