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He Still Doesn't Get It


In an effort perhaps to reestablish his relevance, John Kerry is back in the public eye with a new book he has written with his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, This Moment On Earth. The book is all about the importance of taking care of our planet and responding to the environmental crises in our midst. While I am certainly a proponent of environmental activism, this sudden burst of "conviction" feels totally hollow. Watching Kerry discuss the book on television, one can't help but think that Kerry saw Al Gore's success with the issue and simply jumped on the bandwagon--as if to say, "Look America! I care about pollution, too! Love me! I said, love me!!"

Kerry should look to former running mate John Edwards for how to choose post-defeat issues. Edwards has made education a hallmark issue and gained credibility in a new arena. Kerry meanwhile is hawking a book Gore made moot ages ago. He would have had more luck trying to draw attention to a wholly new topic, like arms control or the treatment of veterans post-Iraq. Instead, Kerry just looks clueless.

--Sacha Zimmerman

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