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In this month's Vanity Fair, Helen Thomas answers the magazine's
"Proust Questionnaire" feature (no link available). "Who are your heroes in
real life?" the magazine asks. First on her list: Ramsey Clark.

This is the Ramsey Clark who was on the Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic, who defended the PLO murderers of Leon Klinghoffer and who defended the Butcher of Baghdad. If you think I may exaggerating this man's nefarious career of representing terrorists and genocidal dictators, read The Nation's Ian Williams in Salon.

Everyone knows Thomas is cranky. It's also pretty clear she's a crank.

Update: Various and sundry colleagues remind me to link to this excellent piece by Jonathan Chait last year about the bizarre ascendance of Thomas to liberal hero.

--James Kirchick

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