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How's That Again?


The AP got an advance copy of Terry McAuliffe's new memoir--which is apparently chock full o' political gossip. According to the AP, McAuliffe really goes to town on John Kerry, deeming his presidential campaign "one of the biggest acts of political malpractice in the history of American politics."

But there's one thing in the AP precis of the book that confuses me:

McAuliffe said Republicans told him they were shocked that Kerry just took the attacks on his military record, but also overjoyed. He said Bush called President Clinton while he was recovering from his heart attack in September 2004 and said, "The Kerry campaign is the most inept group I have ever seen in politics. Don't let them ruin your reputation [emphasis added]."

Huh? How would the Kerry campaign ruin Clinton's reputation? Was Bush telling Clinton that if he stumped for Kerry the association would make Clinton look bad? And if he was saying that, does that make any sense? Or was Bush just trying to get Clinton to stay on the sidelines by appealing to his vanity? And what did Clinton say in response? I guess I'll need to buy the book.

--Jason Zengerle

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