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Greatest New York Post cover in years.

New York Post cover

When James Baker, Lee Hamilton and their posse of grey eminences rolled out their Iraq report yesterday, the rest of the mass media coalesced around the day's unofficial theme: The adults are back, and they're here to clean up the goofball teenager's mess. But not the Murdochian flagship, which offered a brilliant, if potentially unintentional, time capsule from the age of freedom fries. Indeed, the Post's headline--"Surrender Monkeys"--referenced the same Simpsons line once gleefully employed by the war's proponents. The subhed accuses Baker and Hamilton of urging the U.S. to give up. In the binary of the day's media coverage, though, the paper could have opted for an even simpler line: "We Won't Grow Up!" Say what you will about the group's report, but if that's the logic President Bush's friends are going to use to defend him, it's going to be a long few weeks for the president.

--Michael Currie Schaffer

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