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Given the substantial overlap between TNR's readership and NASCAR Scene's, I'm sure many of you have been waiting with baited bated* breath for our take on Dale Earnhardt Jr's decision to sign with Hendrick Motorsports. I'm happy to outsource the analysis to Slate's John Swansburg who, through his Home-Depot-orange-tinted glasses, sees it as good for Junior and bad for NASCAR.

Improving on the most conventional piece of NASCAR analysis--that Junior going to Hendrick is the equivalent of Clemens going to the Yankees--Swansburg writes:

[I]f [Junior] had joined [Joe] Gibbs or Richard Childress Racing, or even struck out on his own, he could have contended for a championship and--get ready for a bad analogy--helped create a Red Sox to Hendrick's Yankees.

I think he's right on all counts. And that concludes TNR's NASCAR coverage for this week.

*--Thank you to the many, many readers who pointed this out.

--Jason Zengerle

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