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Late Early Petraeus Blogging

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Over lunch I was reading today's Wall Street Journal op-ed by John McCain and Joe Lieberman. It's titled, "Listening to Petraeus," and it begins:

Today, Gen. David Petraeus--commander of our forces in Iraq--returns to Washington to report on the war in Iraq and the new counterinsurgency strategy he has been implementing there. We hope that opponents of the war in Congress will listen carefully to the evidence that the U.S. military is at last making real and significant progress in its offensive against al Qaeda in Iraq.

But... the op-ed was written before Petraeus's testimony. How could they know what Petraeus would say? For all they knew, Petraeus was going to say the surge had failed!

(Yes, I'm aware that everybody knew what Petraeus was going to say before he said it. That's exactly why it's so disingenuous to demand that your opponents "listen" to him.)

--Jonathan Chait

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