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Mcgreevey's Mistakes


Isaac points out what he says are instances of homophobia in the current
issue of The Weekly Standard. Read a particular way, the first article (which, in Isaac's words, "compares giving up sports fandom to having homosexuals raise kids")
or may not be bigoted, I'm not so sure. But I find the magazine's parody
former Governor Jim McGreevey's decision to join a seminary to be
Yes, comparing his move to Goebbles taking over Radio Free Europe or Idi
Amin enrolling in a cooking class are hyperbolic, but it's a parody. To me, the
outrageous aspect of McGreevey's decision to become a man of the cloth
its root not primarily in the fact that he's gay (though certainly
conservatives will see it that way) but the way in which he
his downfall, conflating his homosexuality with his corruption.
Remember, "I
am a gay American?" Good for you, Jim, but what exactly did that have to
with the real precipitating factor for your resignation, the fact
that you were a corrupt hack and put your lover on the state payroll?

McGreevey did nothing to help the gay rights movement, indeed, he lent
credence to the ridiculous conservative meme that gays are somehow
unstable and incapable of being functioning adults. And the continued
indulgence of McGreevey by some gays (he has appeared on the cover of
Advocate multiple times) does nothing to help the cause.

--James Kirchick

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