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I thought Rudy won. Yeah, Huckabee seemed smart and articulate, and really kind of
sweet, too, but he's just not presidential. He looked like he was running for a much
smaller office -- say, uh, governor. Rudy's nuts, but you wouldn't know it from last

The real nuttiness that keeps reverberating for me, however, is that all of a sudden
it's okay to use bad TV plots to assess a candidate's views on torture. I keep
imagining an alternate scenario: Chris Wallace asking, "So, if your plane had crashed
on a remote island that might or might not be purgatory and/or a big science
experiment and/or a figment of your imagination, and on this island, along with a lot
of improbably beautiful women, some polar bears, a smoke monster, and an army of
natives who are constantly trying to kidnap your women and children, was a former
member of the Iraqi Army who (let's just say) knew how to use 'enhanced techniques'
to get information -- and if also on that island was a conman who had stashed all the
medicine that was on your plane and was refusing to give it up to a girl having an
asthma attack -- and if you were a world-class surgeon with daddy issues who really,
really wanted to save the day -- would you sic the Iraqi torturer on the conman in
order to get the girl's inhaler? Now would you, sir?"

--Britt Peterson.

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