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Our Canadian overlords have mandated more news from the land of the loonie, so with that in mind, here's a good story from up north, via CNN:

A severed human foot was found washed up on an island on the western
coast of Canada this week, the fifth detached foot found in the area in
the past 11 months, according to local police and media reports

The foot was found Monday on the shore of Westham Island south of
Vancouver, according to Constable Sharlene Brooks of the Delta Police
Department in British Columbia.

The severed left foot, which was in a shoe, was taken to a coroner for DNA tests, she added.

The foot was one of five found in area recently, she said.

"Our first step is to establish identity," Brooks said. "It is a little
mysterious, but we don't know if it is linked to others."

A little mysterious?

P.S. That was a joke about the CanWest mandate, but I needed some excuse to post this.

--Jason Zengerle 

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