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Obama And The Netroots


A belated point about Barack Obama's fundraising: He pulled in scads of small online contributions at levels that rival Howard Dean's hottest late-2003 numbers. (Obama raised $6.9 million online. Dean pulled in $7.4 mil in his sizzling 2003 third quarter.) What's interesting is how Obama has done this largely without an organized cheerleading campaign by the "netroots." Obama is often criticized on major liberal blogs (see movement leaders rip him here and here), yet that hasn't stopped him from reeling in the online cash at a Dean-like pace. Is this a sign that the netroots are becoming less monolithic and top-down? Or simply that online money comes from all over nowadays, and fundraising drives by the likes of DailyKos are less important than they used to be? I don't know. But it's an interesting dynamic--and presumably a big relief in Obamaland.

--Michael Crowley

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