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Obama And The Right


A friend points out what is surely the most enjoyable aspect of Obamamania: conservatives really have nothing to attack the guy on, or with. He seems smart and decent and ethical, and because of his short tenure in the Senate, there aren't many votes or flip-flops the right can point to. The inexperience factor will be an issue, but it's not much fun to hammer away at that, and moreover the current president's team hasn't exactly put its experience to good use.

So, what's left? Larry Kudlow says Obama is too liberal, and to support this argument he mentions a bunch of positions that were taken by almost every Democrat (raising the minimum wage, voting against Alito, opposing Social Security privatization (!), opposing drilling in ANWR) and some that Democrats were split over (John Roberts' confirmation, for example). So, basically Kudlow is saying that Obama is in the center of the Democratic Party, or maybe slightly to the left.

Fred Barnes uses a similar tactic, saying of Obama's philosophy, "I mean, it seems like, you know, liberalism as usual, we've had for the last 50 years." Don't you just hate it when people running in a presidential primary generally embrace the goals and aims of the party whose nomination they are running for?

I look forward to complaints from the same circles that Mitt Romney has positions on taxes and judges and abortion similar to Bush I, Bush II, Dole, and Reagan.

--Isaac Chotiner

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