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The best argument (Kinsley) and the worst argument (Kristol) for a Libby pardon. Kristol's piece also has this ridiculous assertion:

"So if the White House wants to minimize opportunities for fresh speculation about how the Libby case is part of some broader conspiracy, the president should act now [and pardon Libby]."

Riiiight, that'll dampen "speculation".

Kinsley's essay is very smart, although does he really want an answer to this question:

As for Democrats and liberals, I feel as vindictive as any other. But ask yourself: if, a couple of years from now, Dick Cheney is going around giving $75,000 speeches and George W Bush is accepting honorary degrees and planning his presidential library, will you feel better or worse that some guy named Scooter Libby is languishing behind bars?


--Isaac Chotiner

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