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Photographic Evidence That Duke Fans Are Awful


It's not college basketball season, but there's never a bad time to point out the truly loathsome nature of Duke fans--especially since Sports Illustrated has chosen now to run a fawning photo essay about the Cameron Crazies, or, as SI dubs them, the "Duke Superfans."

If you've got a strong stomach, you can go here to look at 13 snapshots of these heinous creatures (including the requisite pic of a crowd-surfing Dick Vitale). But it's the picture below that's most notable--since it reveals just how loathsome the Cameron Crazies really are.

Hmm, why does this Duke student think that the players on Georgetown (you can tell the visiting team is Georgetown by the player in the foreground) aren't smart enough to run the Princeton offense? It's not like Georgetown isn't coached by a former Princeton player and coach who's about as schooled in the Princeton offense as anyone other than Pete Carril. It's not like Georgetown didn't prove this past year that it's actually more than equipped to run the Princeton offense--and run it to great success. It's not even like Georgetown isn't a well-regarded academic institution. So what could the answer be? Search me.

[Thanks to reader AL for the tip.]

--Jason Zengerle

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