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Quien Es Mas Macho? Senor Steve Kagen O Senor Ricardo Montalban?


Apropos of Ryan's "Macho Dems" piece in last Sunday's NYT, here's a story Democratic Congressman Steve Kagen of Wisconsin recently told about himself to some of his constituents. From the Oshkosh Northwestern (via PoliticalWire):

Kagen, D-Appleton, was among a group of freshman lawmakers invited to the White House on Nov. 13 for an evening reception that included taking photos with Bush and his wife, Laura.
The reception culminated the first day of orientation week for newly elected members of Congress.
Kagen, still hurting from the hard campaign, reportedly took note that Bush had come to Green Bay to campaign against him and congratulated the president for helping him win in an indirect reference to Bush's low approval rating. Kagen then reportedly greeted the president's wife, Laura Bush, by intentionally using the first name of the president's mother, Barbara, instead.
"I did that because I learned on the campaign trail that the meanest thing you can say to another gentleman is, 'He's a fine fellow.' And then you refer to his spouse by a different name," Kagen is reported to have told a local peace activist group who visited his Appleton campaign office Dec. 19.
In addition, Kagen reportedly told the activists he held the door to a White House men's room closed when he was alone with Rove.
"You're in the White House and think you're safe, huh?" Kagen was said to have told Rove. "You recognize me? My name's Dr. Multimillionaire and I kicked your ass."

The holding-the-bathroom-door-shut detail is a nice touch. But Kagen could improve on the story a bit more. For one, he should have himself give Rove a swirlie. And then he needs to come up with a better nickname for himself. Dr. Multimillionaire sounds kind of wussy.

--Jason Zengerle

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