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"cho Was The Alien"


Nothing much surprises me anymore regarding Pat Buchanan and immigration, but I do want to flag this particularly sick column he wrote on Seung-Hui Cho:

In stories about him, we learn he had no friends, rarely spoke, and was a loner, isolated from classmates and roommates. Cho was the alien in Hokie Nation. And to vent his rage at those with whom he could not communicate, he decided to kill in cold blood dozens of us. ... Before 1970, we were a people, a community, a country. Students would have said aloud of Cho: "Who is this guy? What's the matter with him?"

In other words, Cho murdered not because he was profoundly disturbed -- something his family knew even when he was a tot in Korea -- but because he was an "alien" here who "could not communicate." But the column gets worse, launching into a bizarre litany of all the criminals he can think of -- all the way back to '71! -- who were foreign-born. A much-shortened excerpt:

The 1993 bombers of the World Trade Center and the killers of 9-11 were all immigrants or illegals. ... John Lee Malvo, the Beltway Sniper, was flotsam from the Caribbean. Angel Resendez, the border-jumping rapist who killed at least nine women, was an illegal alien. ... When Chai Vang, a Hmong, was told by a party of Wisconsin hunters to vacate their deer stand, he shot six to death. Peter Odighizuwa, the gunman who killed the dean, a teacher and a student at the Appalachian School of Law, was a Nigerian. ... Juan Corona, who murdered 25 people in California to be ranked with the likes of Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy, was a Mexican.

No matter what you think about the consequences of immigration on the economy or even American culture, the crime complaint tends to be a dodge -- the foreign-born incarceration rate is lower than the native-born one, especially among Mexicans.

But maybe Pat Buchanan is onto something, using these kind of anecdotes to illustrate his point: I'm now very worried about the effect of the extended Buchanan family on the country. Douglas Buchanan murdered his father, stepmother, and two brothers. He was a Buchanan. Daymond Buchanan was a violent Hell's Angel; Joseph Buchanan was a porn fiend who slowed down his office network by clogging his work computer with naughty photos of animals. LAPD Officer Michael Buchanan was convicted of framing several Mexicans by claiming he was hit by their truck, when in fact he had merely fallen down.

Who are these people? What's the matter with them?

--Eve Fairbanks

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