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Romney-sarkozy Summer Summit

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There's news out of the Boston Globe this morning that the jogging French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, will be arriving shortly in Wolfboro, New Hampshire to exercise his French right to a vacation on the American shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Sarko's vacation spot of choice would place him a few minutes around the lake from Mitt Romney's summer home. You may remember that in February a document leaked from the Romney campaign suggesting French abuse as a lead strategy, calling for bumper stickers which read, "First, not France" and articulating the math behind the Romney machine, "Hillary=France." Ouch.

Recently, Romney has been backpedaling on his France-bashing ways, telling an audience last week, "I love France! My kids are on vacation there right now. I love France. I speak French, lived in France. I have nothing but respect for the French people."

No wonder his advisors worried in that same document that their candidate might be labeled "Flip-Flop Mitt." For the record, he was against the French before he was for them.

But the man who spent two years in France working as a Mormon missionary couldn't resist one last dig. He told the folks of Bedford, New Hampshire, "I just don't want to become the France of the 21st century.".

Hopefully the two men will be able to take their boats out together. There's much to discuss.

--Samuel Jacobs

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